NUEVO: Las barras orgánicas de Holle ahora están disponibles como barras de frutas y barras de frutas y verduras con valiosos cereales.

Our new Holle Pear & Apple and Apple & Banana Organic Fruit Bars and Apple & Carrot Fruit & Vegetable Bar now include nutritious cereals. In addition to this they are naturally low in sugar.

The bars are suitable as a snack to nibble and chew. They have a spelt wafer base, ensuring that children can hold them easily – without getting sticky hands. Only carefully selected, strictly controlled organic ingredients are used to make Holle organic bars.

NEW: Holle Baby Water - Natural non-carbonated mineral water

In the beginning your baby’s organism reacts very sensitively to contaminants and excess minerals. With its balanced mineral content Holle baby water is designed to meet these special needs, with strict controls guaranteeing the highest possible degree of safety. Holle products only contain ingredients which are good for your child. Because we care about your baby’s welfare.

- ready for use, no need to boil
- bottled at source
- uncarbonated

Holle baby water It is particularly low in sodium and is suitable for preparation in particular of:

- infant formula
- milk and cereal porridges
- drinks for babies and children

Click here for more information.

The Holle team wishes you and your child lots of fun and enjoyment with the new Holle Baby Water.

Novedad: Infusiones Holle para kids: infusiones alegres y afrutadas de calidad probada Holle

Estimados padres:

¡Esto suena a música celestial! Fruity Flamingo y Rosy Reindeer complementan a partir de ahora la gama Holle Kids. ¿Vuestro día a veces resulta agotador de tanto jugar sin descanso? Entonces descubrid las infusiones afrutadas y divertidas de Holle. 100% ecológico - sin azúcar - sin aromas, colorantes ni conservantes - a partir de 3 años.

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¡El equipo Holle desea que tú y tu hijo disfrutéis al máximo de los nuevos snacks ecológicos para niños!